Race Tire and Wheel Setup (Plasti Dip)


On Orange Krush I had a lot of success at the track with a Weld wheel setup. Rears were 17x10 forged aluminum and fronts were 17x4.5. These were strong and lightweight. When I got the Hellcat, I hoped these would mount right up, but unfortunately the 17x4.5 fronts wouldn't clear the massive Hellcat brakes and at this time Weld is not offering an 18" wheel for the Hellcat. Step in Racestar, who's 18x5 front wheels are lightweight and fit the Hellcat just fine as long as you pay attention when mounting any necessary wheel weights. Tires for the front are M&H 4.5x28x18 front runners and the rears will be Hoosier 28x10x17 slicks. The Racestar Darks P/N is 92-850445 and has a -20 offset, 5x115 bolt pattern, and 78mm hub bore. The wheels include everything needed to mount them all the way down to the 7/8" socket.


All in the rear tire setup weighed in at 42 pounds and the front tire setup tipped the scales at 38 pounds. Total weight for all four wheels and tires was 160 pounds. The factory Brass Monkey wheels with Perelli all season tires came in at 246 pounds, so running the race wheel/tire combo saves 86 pounds!



I was tired of polishing the polished aluminum Weld wheels, so I got the Racestars in a gloss black finish. I used Plasti Dip to coat the Welds to match. Easy peasy, cheap, and looks great. Bonus that it can be peeled off to go back to the polished aluminum finish if I ever decide I prefer that look.


For this modification you'll need:


Race Wheels

Shotened End Links (optional but highly recommended if running 17x10 Weld wheels)

Plasti Dip black if you're trying to match up the weels like I was

Plasti Dip glossifier

Wax and greast remover

Microfiber towels

Patience, an afternoon, and a non-windy day to spray

Tire shine (helps make Plasti Dip overspray easy to remove from tires)

Painter's tape to mask off any needed areas

Xacto Knife for trimming



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