Hellcat News Archive


December 22, 2023

Go Man Go was stolen. RIP.



April 7, 2023

If you work on cars, you need to make one of these.



March 24, 2023

Demon 170 announced, and it's F A S T!




March 17, 2023

Found some build sheets!



March 9, 2023

Ok, figured some of it out maybe?



March 1, 2023


I'm totally confused....



February 17, 2023

Finally making full power!



February 3, 2023

Cars don't like to sit. I went too long and had to save my LiPo battery.



January 14, 2023

Building custom wiring harnesses the right way.



December 9, 2022

Fore fuel pump replacement info.



December 2, 2022

JMS highlights for non channel members is now available.



November 18, 2022

JMS Fuelmax install available to channel members. Not everything turned out like I would have expected, more to come.




November 18, 2022

Testing time!



November 11, 2022

Supercharger over view for non members is available:



November 4, 2022

Redeye supercharger prep and install How To content is now available to channel members. Thanks to all those that have joined the channel for the support!




October 21, 2022

Redeye 2.7L is back from SDG Motorsports and I got busy on the assembly. *How to content now available to channel members. Thanks in advance for the support!





October 7, 2022

I had the opportunity to attend the Radford Racing School two day class and it was phenomenal. MUCH more than just a driving experience.



September 23, 2022




September 2, 2022

Uconnect Upgrade - Go Man Go becomes a 2022 model :)



August 31, 2022

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee (wow what a mouthful)



August 26, 2022

Woodward Dream Cruise, bucket list item checked.



August 24, 2022

Awesome time racing at Modern Street Hemi Shootout Milan Michigan!



August 12, 2022

Finally got a test drive.



August 5, 2022

Another little tweak.



July 15, 2022

You heard it here first.



July 8, 2022

Tore it down, and found a problem.



July 1, 2022

Had a nice surprise pretty much fall in my lap, hopefully it's good.



June 17, 2022

Decontamination washed helped, but it needed a bit more to be back to 100%.



June 10, 2022

Something got on my ceramic!



May 29, 2022

ChallengerFest 13 is in the books!



April 25, 2022

Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades, but I did make it to the top 5 in the Chief Donut Maker competition.



April 22, 2022

Chief Donut Maker Behind the Scenes. What an experience.



April 1, 2022

Time to hit the track on a full kill E85 tune.



March 25, 2022

Learned something this week.



February 4, 2022

Chief Donut Maker :)




November 26, 2021

Time for an injector upgrade.



September 25, 2021

ChallengerFest and Moparty 2021.



September 10, 2021

Ready for ChallengerFest 2021!



September 3, 2021

Race vs Pump E85.



August 27, 2021

Got a new toy for the shop.



August 20, 2021

Ready for the fall race season with some new fuel to experiment with.



August 9, 2021

Music City Big Machine Indy Car Nashville, TN



August 6, 2021




July 23, 2021

Determining real and false knock.



July 9, 2021

eMuscle? What is Dodge thinking!?



June 26, 2021

Water meth injection pump rebuild/repair.



June 25, 2021

Water meth injection.



June 11, 2021

Time to flex.



May 28, 2021

Secret sauce time saver.



May 14, 2021

New PB in GoManGo! He's flying!



April 30, 2021

Track testing showed we needed one last suspension upgrade.



April 16, 2021

Track testing the AAD Drag Pack suspension.



April 4, 2021

EPA crack downs are endangering our hobby.



March 19, 2021

Some fuel experiments.



March 5, 2021

SRT Disbanded!



February 20, 2021

It must be a Jeep thing (I don't get it).



February 6, 2021

Off to get those new parts lined up with a custom setting.



January 23, 2021

Some upgrades for GoManGo to help that 60 foot time.



January 9, 2021

Happy New Year!





December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas! I hope Santa was as good to you as he was Go Man Go.



December 5, 2020

Need to transfer fuel, I'll show you an easy way.



November 21, 2020

Final track day of the year was super frustrating.



October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween everybody! We needed a break, and took one :)



October 17, 2020

It was time to get Go Man Go some new shoes. Shocked at how long the 555R drag radials lasted!



October 3, 2020

Moparty! was definitely a Mopar Party!



September 26, 2020

ChallengerFest 2020 is in the books and was a fantastic event!



August 22, 2020

Made the hard decision to sell one of the fleet.



July 11, 2020

Some analysis of the race weekend.



June 27, 2020

First race of the season at MSHS KY.



June 20, 2020

Prepping for my first race of 2020....FINALLY!



May 23, 2020

One of the best mods you can't even see....



May 9, 2020

New mods are always fun!



April 25, 2020

Shop Cabinets - they cost more than you might think!



April 11, 2020

It sure is quiet out there.



March 27, 2020



March 21, 2020

Fuel additives vs bonafide race fuel.



March 14, 2020




March 7, 2020

Finishing up that fuel system in Go Man Go.



February 29, 2020

Getting started on upgrading Go Man Go's fuel system.



January 18, 2020

Setting up a data log in HPTuners. Even Mrs. Speedy can do it :)



January 11, 2020

How to get some cheap shop lighting.



January 4, 2020

Hard to beleive it's 2020. Happy New Year!



December 28, 2019

Merry Christmas everyone. Which one would Santa bring you, or neither?



December 21, 2019

Some info in the shop flooring.




December 7, 2019

Not again!




November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Enjoy some video from the track!



November 23, 2019

Hanging out at the shop.



November 16, 2019

First 9 second pass!




November 9, 2019

Easy weight reduction.



November 2, 2019

Go Man Go screams now!



October 12, 2019

Updated counter measures.



October 5, 2019

Got a new toy!



September 28, 2019

Mrs. Speedy's new ride.



September 21, 2019

Tuning the new power plant.



September 14, 2019

Double checking things I just HAD to know.



September 7, 2019

Go Man Go heads home, and FAST.



August 31, 2019

The decision on Go Man Go's new bullet!



August 24, 2019

Tearing down the failed Hellcat engine to see what really happened.





August 17, 2019

Go Man Go under the knife.





August 10, 2019

Prognosis on Go Man Go's engine.....not good. Time to upgrade :)





August 7, 2019

Go Man Go at Street Car Takeover Bowling Green!





August 2, 3019

Track testing didn't go as planned :(





July 27, 2019

Go Man Go gets some new shoes.





July 20, 2019

Track testing the Hellraiser 2.72 pulley and 93 octane.




July 13, 2019

Time to make some power!




July 6, 2019

Now we have to dial them in.




June 29, 2019

A much needed upgrade for Go Man Go, and now we won't have to worry about fuel supply!



June 22, 2019

Dialing in the tune on the 2.72 Hellraiser with 93 octane we found something that needs an upgrade.



June 15, 2019

Finished up the Hellraiser 2.72 pulley install.



June 8, 2019

Gonna up the power in GoManGo.



June 1, 2019

Had a bit of a pucker factor moment!




May 25, 2019

Should you pin the crank on a Hellcat?



May 11, 2019

Custom tune track testing in GoManGo



April 27, 2019

Bullet proofing the diff in Go Man Go!



April 20, 2019

Loading up the custom tune from Mike@OSTDyno.com - http://www.ostdyno.com



April 13, 2019

Let the games begin :)



April 6, 2019

An economy priced tool that exceeded expectations.



March 30, 2019

Passing emissions.



March 23, 2019

Do it yourself ceramic coating torture test results.



March, 16, 2019

Shop paint.



March 9, 2019

One of my favorite tools in the tool box.



March 2, 2019

Shop build mess.



February 23, 2019

Did someone say warranty?



February 16, 2019

More on the shop.



February 9, 2019

If you like your knives sharp! Get one here: https://amzn.to/2tcRS4f



February 2, 2019



January 26, 2019

The shop build continues with framing.



January 19, 2019

A new addition to the shop!



January 12, 2019

This week we cover demolition, footer, foundation, and concrete.




January 5, 2019

Shop build continues.



January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!



December 29, 2018

Shop Build Series begins.



December 22, 2019

Rumors or facts?




December 15, 2018

If you want something done right, do it yourself.




December 8, 2018

A little engine jewlery for Go Man Go from www.BilletTechnology.net.




December 1, 2018

A look back over the 2018 racing season in Go Man Go.




November 24, 2018

A little test of 93 octane vs 109 in our stock Hellcat Challenger Go Man Go. The results may surprise you.




November 17, 2018

This week we're at the track testing a cam install in our Crew Chief Greg's car.




November 10, 2018

Today we try out a consumer grade DIY ceramic coating.



October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween everyone. Mopar pretty much wins the horse power wars with this.......



October 27, 2018

This week we're on vacation at Secrets Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic!



October 20, 2018

What it takes to build a Demon Killer out of a Hellcat. Less than you'd think!



October 13, 2018

Competed at the Modern Street Hemi Shootout at Virginia Motorsports Park....check out the video to see how I did!



October 6, 2018

Pro Tree Secrets with none other than Demonology!



September 28, 2018

Rear Seat Delete saves more weight then you think!



September 21, 2018

Mavic 2 Zoom drone vs Hellcat.



September 14, 2018

McLaren 650S Test Drive!




September 7, 2017

What happens in Vegas.....



August 31, 2018

We have some plans......



August 22, 2018

Hellcat Data Logging



August 17, 2018

Hellcat tuning!



August 9, 2018

A little tune touch up on my buddy's ride.



July 20, 2018

I decided to upgrade my upgrade and install the new and improved reduced clearing Per4mance Development diff brace.



July 13, 2018

Man Down!



July 1, 2018

Dodge Hellcat Redeye!



June 29, 2018

Can a 180° thermostat make a difference without a tune?



June 15, 2018

Go Man Go needed a little engine bling:



June 8, 2018

A little drama at Speedy's Garage this week....



June 1, 2018

A little event footage from the NMCA Blue Grass Nationals at Beech Bend Raceway. Wait till you see "Barn Burner"!



May 25, 2018

Speedy vs 2018 Blue Grass Nationals Beech Bend Raceway



May 18, 2018

Go Man Go needed new shoes.



May 11, 2018

I wanted a quick and easy line lock for Go Man Go and I found a whole lot more! Click for details!



May 2, 2018

Well, Go Man Go and I were called out for $500....here's how it turned out!



April 21, 2018

ChallengerFest 9 is in the books and we're already planning ChallengerFest 10. Here's a look behind the scenes of the 2018 event.



April 10, 2018

Headed up to Bowling Green, KY to do some interviews to promote ChallengerFest 9.



April 1, 2018

Go Man Go turns one year old today! Hard to believe it's already been a year.



March 3, 2018

Back to the track :)




December 16, 2017

What does a typical track day look like for you? Here's mine :)



December 2, 2017

After hitting the track and running a 10.51 at 131MPH, I was curious how much power Go Man Go was putting down to the tire. I had an opportunity to attend a local dyno day, and the results surprised me as much as the track times!



November 25, 2017

Hit the track with Go Man Go for his first real track day. Beech Bend cancelled their program due to weather, so my buddy Greg and I headed south to Alabama International Raceway, more on that trip later. VERY impressed with the times the car put down. There might be a little more in it as I learn what it likes.



November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. While you're fighting off that turkey coma, here's a little information on the race setup I'm using on Go Man Go. My Weld 17x4.5 front runners from Orange Krush wouldn't fit over the massive brakes on Go Man Go,so I had to find another solution that involved some Racestar Dark 18x5 front runners, M&H 4.5x28x18 front runners, and some Plasti Dip. Details inside including weight differences!



November 11, 2017

After seeing several folks pretzel their stock drive shaft, I decided it was cheap insurance to upgrade the drive shaft in Go Man Go to a DSS Aluminum unit. Beefy is an understatement, how to in side.



September 15, 2017

I thought it over and decided to give ceramic coatings a try on Gon Man Go. Results exceeded my expectations. The car will now have a permanent just polished and waxed gloss, be easier to clean, and the ceramic will last 7+ years. It's a no brainer!



August 20, 2017

The Hellcat sway bars made contact with the Weld 17x10 racing wheels just like they did on Orange Krush. I used the same simple solution of shortened sway bar end links to make tire changes at the track a breeze.



August 12, 2017

I wanted to protect the front of Go Man Go from the rock chips I've experienced on some other vehicles. I decided to go with a clear bra and I'm happy to report the install came out perfect, AND it's COMPLETELY INVISIBLE! Details inside.




July 29, 2017

A fellow Hellcat enthusiast developed and produced a brace to strengthen the IRS differential. The price was right and it was cheap insurance so we picked one up for Go Man Go.



July 1, 2017

Out playing around with some of the performance pages. This was on a 90+ degree day with terrible humidity.



June 24, 2017

Traction with the factory installed Pirelli All Season tires was a serious issue. Dodge should have made a DOT drag radial an option for the Hellcat. I rectified the situation with a set of Factory Reproduction tires and some 555R Nittos and instantly dropped my 0-60 time from 4.5 to 3.6 with little effort.



June 17, 2017

Getting to know the Hellcat a bit better and completed the first oil change and got rid of the VERY dusty front brake pads. How to and before and after brake tests inside.




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